Insurance Data Science Analytics and Loss Control Services

End-to-End, technology-driven services geared toward insurance carriers, brokers, and auto policy holders for collaboration to help lower costs, reduce liabilities, and minimize risks.

Harness Demonstrated Predictive Potential

Through collaborative learning, Carriers, Brokers and Policyholders can acknowledge their needs and differences to enhance decision-making, productivity, lower costs and optimize the insurance experience

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Automate Workflows That Provide Immediate Value Across Loss Control, Claims, Underwriting, Brokers, Agents, and MGAs

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    Reduce loss frequency & cost of claims
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    Price premiums more effectively
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    Identify opportunities for reducing risk
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Enhance Clean Applications Through Improved Safety Scores and Driving Trends

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    Retain clients
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    Introduce technology and analytics
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    Provide driver safety training
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Change Your Risk Profile and Reduce Premiums

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    Implement driver safety training programs
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    Identify patterns that indicate poor or dangerous driving habits
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    Showcase driver safety scores and improved driving trends

Insurance Telematic ToolKit - Measure Driver Behavior & Mitigate Risk with an All In One Platform

The ultimate Insurance Telematics Data Toolkit that enables insurers to integrate telematics data from multiple sources into their loss control, claims, underwriting, and data science workflows.

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    Harmonize direct measurement of behavior and risk data from multiple telematics providers and mobile data providers into a single, unified stream.
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    Safety benchmarking and manage fleet risk to reduce losses and change driver behavior.
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    Visualization of your insured fleet and contextualize their telematics with rich traffic, weather, accident, road quality, & other 3rd party data sources.
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    Reconstruct trips and analyze events for risk assessment and management.
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Analyze Notable Driving Events

Distill and analyze those measurements to identify patterns that indicate poor or dangerous driving habits, such as distracted driving, harsh braking, and excessive speeding.


Showcase Your Safety Track Record

Provide consultative insights and action plans to your clients. Analyze driving behavior, fleet characteristics, & route quality of prospective policyholders before you quote or renew.


Automate Risk Control

Receive actionable insights on risk across all insured fleets. Accelerate loss control with data on driving behavior events; share insights to reduce claims.


Multi-TSP/OEM Harmonization

Harmonize data from multiple telematics providers into a single, unified stream.


Extensive Data Enrichments

Contextualize your policyholders’ telematics with rich traffic, weather, accident, road quality, & other 3rd party data sources.


Scale Data Volume & Velocity

Scale effortlessly. Built by a team of industry-leading big data researchers and software veterans, our platform can handle telematics at any scale.


Extensive Customizability

Wield complete, end-to-end control over data infrastructure, model inputs, & analytics.


Cloud Agnostic Support

Integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure. We support both on-premise & all major cloud computing including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.


Unrestricted Data Access

Receive uninhibited access to both enriched and raw data.


Multi-TSP Integration

Generate a unified view of your insured population, regardless of where the telematics comes from.


Automated Fleet Assessment

Analyze driving behavior, fleet characteristics, & route quality of prospective policyholders before you quote or renew.


Crash & Event Explorer

Automatically initiate FNOL and review the crash data to inform claims handling.


Workflows & Alerts

Set up alerts and webhooks based on objectives & constraints (e.g., geofences, noncompliance).


Intelligent Risk Control

Accelerate loss control with data on driving behavior events; share insights to reduce claims.


Automated Factor Collection

Empower agents and underwriters to collect mileage, garaging, and other factors directly from the vehicle.

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Onsite Customized Survey

Onsite surveys involve a physical inspection of the insureds fleet. Ensure your commercial vehicles are not pushed past their limits. Our expert inspectors will provide comprehensive inside and out documentation with emphasis on wear and tear.

Upon departure, a completed survey will include reports of unsafe parts and accessories along with photo documentation.

Web Conference Survey

Over the phone/web conference involves an evaluation of the insureds fleet. Our safety specialists will document a company’s current driver safety training programs, driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and maintenance practices.

Identify at risk drivers and evaluate driver behavior data to customize corrective action programs, recommend rewards and specific training to reducing risk and liability.

A detailed safety survey recommendation report will be provided to you.

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Advanced Telematics

Ensure Analytics is agnostic to telematics companies and offers consultative services to evaluate existing and/or new systems to implement.

Our fleet risk and safety specialists are thought leaders and have over 20 years experience. Businesses everywhere are using telematics to improve fleet and field operations, reduce costs, and get workers engaged in building a culture of safety.

Dual-facing cameras combine the power of road-footage with cabin-footage. Advanced Systems use Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to capture instant detection HD “live video” of the road and driver. This gives you the ability to provide your drivers with in-cab coaching using audio and visual warnings for dangerous driving events.

Driver Safety Training Programs

Driver safety training programs are offered to both drivers and management. Our web-based driver safety training lessons are available in multiple languages.

We target our training based on high-risk drivers to rehabilitate and coach through e-learning. Our safety specialists will advise which of our three levels of training programs best fit your needs.

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Continuous Motor Vehicle Records

Continuous motor vehicle records (MVR) monitoring allow fleet managers to receive daily updates on employee license status, citation activity, medical certificate status and even compliance safety accountability (CSA) infractions to ensure the safety and compliance of your working fleet.

Combining this service with driver behavioral monitoring tools is the ideal fleet safety program for ensuring safety and compliance, effectively analyzing drivers’ risk profiles, and ultimately reducing a company’s overall risk and liability.

OSHA Reports Motor Vehicle Crashes are Costing Employers $60 Billion Annually in Medical Care, Legal Expenses, Property Damage, and Lost Production Alone.

Learn how you can manage your risks, reduces loss frequency and cost of claims by 50%